We are your Partner, not your Competitor.
When your traditional accounting practice encounters the nontraditional, you need a CPA who can work seamlessly with your team to investigate, uncover and deliver results.
Acuity Forensics works hand in hand with you, and brings specialized expertise to help you help your clients.
Acuity Forensics can help with:
• Fraud Investigation
• Special Accounting Related Projects
• Business Income Loss
• Business Process and Internal Control Reviews
Case Example:
Assisted a CPA firm's client in determining amounts owed to employees for deferred pay and amounts due on loans from employees and shareholders. Engagement included representing client during examination by state employment agency, resulting in a "no findings" determination by the agency.
"You did a great presentation and it was exactly what we had requested. You kept it moving, it was interesting and you made great points. It caused me to stop and think in several places, and I feel that I have a fairly high Fraud IQ..."
Your Forensic Accounting Experts