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When financial investigations involve taxpayer dollars, you need a partner who will navigate through internal and external documents without bias or sensation.
The team at Acuity Forensics brings superior knowledge of the inner-workings of government agencies, and the horsepower needed to unravel even the most complicated fiscal records. We bring light to the complex and provide clarity where there is confusion.
Acuity Forensics can help with:
• Fraud Investigation
• Contract Analysis
• Internal Control Reviews
• Financial Statement Reconstruction
Case Example:
Assisted Oakridge, Oregon in determining the reason why (i.e. fraud or mismanagement) the City's funds had been depleted in less than two years. City was also three years in arrears with mandatory financial audits, due to poor financial records. Worked with City officials and staff to restore the City's financial reports and ensure audits were completed. Efforts resulted in the City receiving three "clean" audit opinions.
"My 'take away' from these things is that, when we really drill down and get to bedrock facts, and repeatedly report them as accurately as possible to as many people as we can in many different ways, I really think that combination makes the critical difference. Of all of those facts the general public, two state legislatures, and diverse media had available, none came even close to reaching the level of highly valid and reliable research results you provided us about this project."
Intl Management Consultant
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