Why We Wrote This Book
As the business world changes, an ever-increasing number of workers are helping themselves to sophisticated, covert variations of the old "five-finger discount." The worst part? The Thief in Your Company is probably the person you trust the most.

Forensic accountant Tiffany Couch has seen theft in many forms but what sticks with her the most is not the fraud schemes or the dollar losses. It's the victims who all experience the same emotional devastation that these crimes leave in their wake.

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What You'll Learn
This book will educate and entertain you, pull at your heart strings and convince you to put Tiffany's time-tested security blueprint into practice. Learn how to:

  • Be familiar with and protect against the most common fraud schemes
  • Recognize the typical fraudsters
  • Leave the door open for whistleblowers to report suspicious activity
  • Take specific actionable steps if fraudulent activity is discovered
  • Understand the emotional impacts of financial crimes

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"I enjoyed having Ms. Couch as a guest speaker. It was a great learning experience! Her examples of specific fraud cases she has worked on and the report she just recently submitted really made everything come to life and add significance. Her presentation gave me a greater understanding of not just forensic accounting, but also reestablished how opportunities may not always look like an opportunity."
Evansville, IN
"Tiffany was a great speaker! I felt engaged for the entire 8 hours and would love to have her again in the future."
Seminar Participant, 2021