An Award-Winning Speaker
Tiffany Couch is an award-winning speaker on the topics of fraud, forensic accounting, and investigative skills. She has presented to audiences throughout North America, from accountants to legal firms to business organizations in a myriad of industries. She serves as a faculty member for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and is also the winner of their 2014 James R. Baker Speaker of the Year, honoring an individual who has demonstrated the true spirit of leadership in communication, presentation and quality instruction. Her engaging style and practical advice consistently earns her high marks with her audiences.

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Why Hire Tiffany?
  • Experience: She has over 15 years of experience investigating financial fraud.
  • Award-winning: She is the recipient the James R. Baker Speaker of the Year award presented by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
  • Interactive: She engages her audience through Q+As, quizzes and storytelling.
  • Custom: Her presentations can be tailored to address specific objectives.

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Speaking Topic Examples
The Thief in your Company
Tiffany Couch has seen theft in many forms, but what sticks with her is the emotional devastation that these crimes leave in their wake. The Thief in Your Company helps all organizations learn how to protect against fraud schemes, recognize the typical fraudsters, take specific steps if fraud is discovered and understand the emotional impacts of fraud.
The Thief in your Nonprofit
Nonprofit organizations are especially prone to embezzlement schemes at the hands of their employees. During this session attendees will learn the reasons why these organizations experience fraud, the red flags of typical schemes, questions board members should be asking, and an easy action plan for mitigating risk and implementing appropriate oversight and internal controls in your organization.
Interviewing skills for Auditors
Your professional standards require you to consider the risk of fraud in an organization and to rely on interviews of management and staff to satisfy this requirement. We'll talk about the fact that just 4 percent of all frauds are discovered by external auditors, examine the reasons why those statistics are so low, and incorporate ways to bring more success to the informational interviews you conduct as an auditor.
Understanding Financial Reports
As an entrepreneur you are great at what you do, delivering your products or services, connecting with your customers, and building a business. But below all of that success, you worry that you don't understand your financials. You may ask yourself some of the following: "Why is it that my income statement shows I'm making money, but I have no cash in the bank?" "What is a balance sheet and why is it important to my business?" "Why doesn't my accountant help me understand these numbers?" Your financials shouldn't scare you; they should empower you. Let Tiffany show you how.
The Thief in your Entourage
You've found success. You've also found sponsors, managers, and others presenting you with opportunities and asking you to write more checks. Between your professional obligations, your social media presence, and your life - you believe you've found just the right person to handle your money. Perhaps you trust them implicitly. Understand that the most trusted and well-liked person could be stealing from you.
Additional Topics
Tiffany can tailor her topic to fit your particular industry or audience. With her engaging style and practical tools, you and your audience will not be disappointed. Some additional topics might include corporate internal audit or investigator training, elder abuse, building a culture of honesty and fraud in specific industries.
Speaking Schedule
There are currently no speaking events scheduled. Please check back soon.
"Tiffany was an exceptional speaker even on ZOOM. Definitely a session that could benefit many!"
Seminar Participant, 2021
"I am a litigation attorney who regularly engages various litigation consultants for litigation support. I first worked with Acuity Forensic's Tiffany Couch when we engaged her for Christensen Yachts, prior to its receivership. The State Court subsequently approved Acuity's employment for the court-appointed receiver. Tiffany and her able team played an integral role in that matter, where there were tens of millions of dollars at issue.

In the intervening years, I have worked with Acuity Forensics' Tiffany on matters such as where the opposing attorney and I stipulated with the court for Acuity to serve as a special, court-appointed master for forensic accounting issues and where the court has approved Acuity Forensic's Tiffany Couch for employment in chapter 11 bankruptcy cases with tens of millions of dollars at issue. I have also worked with Acuity Forensic's Tiffany Couch on partnership dissolution where partners are fighting over allegations of fraud and embezzlement.

In my experience, Ms. Couch has performed absolute top quality work with the highest degree of integrity. She is easy to work with, exceptionally hard working, and highly professional in court."
Portland, Oregon