Who We Help
Law Firms
When it comes to litigation involving financial matters, you need a trusted partner to analyze complex records and deliver clear, comprehensive conclusions. Whether you are investigating potential fraud or negotiating a business dispute, Acuity Forensics serves as an integral member of your litigation team.
Business & Nonprofits
We know that when something is amiss in your business, it's unsettling. Our dedicated team is committed to investigating financial irregularities and providing the answers you need, no matter the size or scope of the situation. We get you back on your feet and provide steadfast reassurance during times of distress.
Government Entities
When financial investigations involve taxpayer dollars, you need a partner who will navigate through internal and external documents without bias or sensation. Our team brings superior knowledge of the inner-workings of government agencies, and the horsepower needed to unravel even the most complicated fiscal records.
Accounting Firms
When your traditional accounting practice encounters the nontraditional, you need a CPA who can work seamlessly with your team to investigate, uncover and deliver results. Acuity Forensics works hand in hand with you, and brings specialized expertise to help you help your clients. We are your partner, not your competitor.
Fraud Investigation
Not knowing where to turn when you suspect fraud (or have been accused of a financial crime) can be worrisome and frightening. Investigating potential asset misappropriation, corruption or fraudulent financial statement schemes necessitates the following:

Technical Skill
A deeply-rooted understanding of the myriad of schemes that can be perpetrated by an organization. The methods used to hide the schemes. Interviewing skills. Technical writing skills. Common pitfalls encountered in these unique investigations. With hundreds of investigations under our belt, our technical skills are unparalleled.

The emotional impacts of these crimes on all involved is an often unspoken, but very real, challenge. In our experience, dealing with the very human reactions to these situations is what sets us apart. We believe that serving our clients professionally and with care should not be mutually exclusive.

We know you worry about what to tell your other employees or colleagues. We know that you have concerns about unwanted press. We know that you fear the unknown and how to proceed. We are here to tell you that all of this is normal. Client confidentiality is not merely a professional standard; we understand it is imperative in conducting an effective investigation.

With nearly two decades of experience focused on the investigation and understanding of white-collar crime and supporting our clients through the financial and emotional impacts of these situations, the team at Acuity is uniquely qualified to assist you through the investigative process, from the initial allegation of loss to an insurance claim or criminal proceeding.
Forensic Accounting
Our forensic accounting services are the cornerstone of our firm. We use accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to conducts dozens of engagements each year. From asset tracings, to estate and trust accountings, to accounting discrepancies and royalty calculations, we are often called on to answer complex and challenging financial questions.

Where Is The Money?
Are you the beneficiary of a trust or estate and are concerned about the balance in the accounts? Did you invest money and expect a return but are unsure how the money was spent? Have you lent money and the debtor has stopped making payments? A concise and accurate accounting of money or assets can provide clarity to the decisions you need to make.

Did I Receive the Benefits I was Promised?
Perhaps you were promised royalties for the use of your name, your product, or service. Perhaps you were promised a return on investment. Perhaps you have a contract which contains specific financial language. Take the uncertainty out of your financial dealings and let Acuity solve your financial puzzle.

I Don't Understand my Financials - Can you Help?
We have seen it all. From disastrous financial records, to "fuzzy accounting," to minority shareholder concerns seemingly discounted, we are often called to take complex or confusing financial documents and make sense of them. Let Acuity help you make informed and empowered financial decisions.

Understanding accounting or financial transactions do not have to be out of reach or difficult to understand. Our specialized forensic accounting expertise can answer your most pressing questions, allowing you to navigate your next steps confidently.
Litigation Support
When your client's business or personal dealings escalate to litigation, you need more than an experienced expert witness. You need a trusted partner who can be an integral part of your legal team. One of Acuity's hallmark capabilities is our ability to simplify complicated financial matters, connecting your legal arguments with the key financial aspects of your case.

Firm Connection
Managing documents. Managing client expectations. Managing privileged communications. We are experienced litigation experts who know how important it is to connect with you, your trusted associates, and paralegals to manage all aspects of a case.

Client Connection
Referring an expert to a client is risky. You want to make a good impression. You want the client and your expert to work together well. We understand the importance of our efforts complementing yours to support your legal strategy.

Courtroom Connections
We understand that credibility in the courtroom is more than professional credentials and experience. It is an ability to communicate complex financial data to a judge or jury. It is an ability to keep calm under pressure. Most importantly, it is an ability to connect with the trier(s)-of-fact in a relatable and unpretentious way.
"I viewed your testimony in the Brophy trial, as well as the testimony of the prosecution's expert witnesses (both the expert speaking to the financial condition of the Brophy's as well as the insurance expert). The professionalism you displayed, the exhibits you presented, and points you testified to were elevated so far above that of the prosecution's experts as to have made them appear to be novices in comparison. Your testimony was a credit to the Profession."
K. K.
Vancouver, WA
"Tiffany Couch is my "go to" for forensic financial issues. Her entire team is fantastic. I have worked with her on many domestic relations cases and her work has always been professional, high quality, and timely. If you need a forensic accounting team, make Acuity your first call."
Portland, Oregon